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Our Portfolio

*Please note: The websites below represent only a fraction of our true portfolio. The sites listed here are sites that we own, or were contracted to build, by the site owner(s). We do not include the hundreds of sites that were outsourced to us from other web design companies, for obvious reasons. (See Freelancing below.)

Since 2008, we have created, rebuilt, or updated over 1000 websites!

Allegheny Cellars Winery

Chase Auction

Conewango Kayak Canoe Rentals, LLC

Dachshunds R 4 Us

FFL Finder - Find Gun Dealers Anywhere in the U.S.

Gold & Silver Price Calculators - Price Calculators and Directory of Buyers

Warren-Chautauqua Business Directory

Hotronics Products

Hoover Custom Furniture

Kinzua Country Auction

Pine Grove Paintings

Storyland Collectibles - Wizard of Oz Collectibles

WarrenPa.net - Warren County's Community Website


We routinely perform services for parties that have no relationship with us, other than a specific job. Over 95% of our work is freelancing. We have ongoing relationships with several web design firms, for which we regularly perform website builds, script installations and modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and basic support. Such sites are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements, which prevent us from publicly acknowledging that we have serviced or built those sites. As a result, this type of work is done under the name of the contracting company. (For example: If John's Web Design asks us to create a site for one of their clients, all work is done under the name of John's Web Design. The client is never made aware that Darr Web Solutions has created their site, nor do we have any direct contact with the client.)

We have performed a wide variety of services on websites from every area of the United States, as well as on numerous sites based in the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Africa, and Sweden. We strive to be the best and frequently receive additional business and referrals from our freelance customers.

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