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Get a Calculator for your Website

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

A calculator can be a great asset for your website. For example, if your company lends money, your website could benefit from a loan payment calculator, so your customers could see what their payments would be, based on the amount borrowed, interest rate, and length of the term.

We can create a calculator to perform any calculation that you have a mathematical formula for. We recently built a Gold Value Calculator for a Pawn Shop. The Pawn Shop buys scrap gold from it’s customers. With our Gold Value Calculator, the customer can get an idea of what their gold is worth, on the Pawn Shop’s website, before they take it in. The Pawn Shop also uses the calculator to determine the value of their customers’ gold items, after verifying the authenticity and weight. Our Gold Value Calculator has proven to be such an effective tool, that one of the Pawn Shop’s competitors actually uses the calculator, on the Pawn Shop’s website, to determine Gold Value for his clients!

Our calculators are written in PHP. We prefer PHP over Javascript, because it is fast, effective, and hides the mathematical formula from potential copying. Viewing the source code of one of our calculators will only reveal the same information that can be seen on the screen. The mathematical formula is never displayed. 

Try our Gold Value Calculator Demo - be sure to right-click and view the source code of the calculator. Note that it doesn’t reveal the proprietary mathematical formula that performs the calculations.